Duffy Sun cruiser 21


It’s a classic! The Duffy is designed for comfort and style! The perfect electric boat for all seasons, The Duffy features a full canopy and windscreens to keep you and the crew out of the weather.

The 21′ Sun Cruiser was designed to enjoy the best of both worlds – both inside and out.  Comfortably cruise inside the spacious enclosed interior or step outside onto the cockpit and get some sun & fresh air!


Duffy Old Bay 21





With the most interior space of any of our models, this boat is made for entertaining.  Our full window enclosure system keeps you comfortable in any weather and allows for maximum visibility.  With room for up to 10 people, you can enjoy a meal on the water, or take a quiet cruise with family and friends.  Unplug, Untie & Unwind in the Duffy Old Bay 21.

Our boats are powered by 100% electric, emissions-free engines. The 48 volt, 5 horsepower motors propel the boats at a top speed of 6 miles per hour. While our boats won’t break any speed records, they are a lot of fun!

Duffy’s are designed for slow cruising on calm waters. A great experience for boaters of all skill levels.